A HOSPITAL patient was left lying in his own faeces and with infected feet after his bandages went unchanged for weeks, his son claims.

Martin Crompton, 49, from Bromley Cross, was admitted to the Royal Bolton Hospital last month after he developed anorexia.

His condition left him suffering from severe malnutrition, weight loss and fluid retention in his feet, which became very swollen.

Now, his son Jack has criticised the care he received calling it ‘disgraceful.’

After several weeks of hospital care Mr Crompton’s son Jack was distraught to find that his father had no feeling in his feet.

On inspection he discovered that his feet had become badly infected, and were purple in colour and bleeding. 

Jack said: “My father was admitted to hospital over a month ago. They were trying to get nutrients into his body to try and get him some weight back because he had lost four stone in a couple of months.

“They were trying get some vitamins and nutrients inside him, and reduce the fluid in his feet because of water retention.

“They had managed to fix his water problem, but his feet have got a lot worse.

“I went in and asked him how he was and how his feet were doing and he told me that he couldn’t feel them any more. I touched around his toes but he couldn’t feel that.”

He added: “His feet were double bandaged and they hadn’t been changed for weeks.

“The one underneath that was in contact with his skin hadn’t been changed for weeks, and so it had rotted, and when I took it off it burst and started bleeding.” 

Jack also raised concerns about other aspects of his father’s care, saying that Mr Crompton had been “left lying in his own waste for hours”, despite the issue being reported to multiple nurses. 

He said: “I was more shocked than anything, and horrified that they had allowed his feet to get like that and at the quality of care he was receiving.” 

“This quality of care, or lack of care, in this case is disgraceful,” he added.
Mr Crompton, who suffers from alcohol issues, was discharged from hospital on April 11 and is now being cared for by Jack and his partner at home.

However he has not been put under the care of a community nurse and has been told he will have to look after himself, Jack says.

Jack added: “I have got a few concerns about his welfare, but it seems that he is better off at home where we can take care of him.

"He is taking his medication and getting regular foot soaks to look after his feet, but we could do with a nurse coming out.”

A spokesman for the Royal Bolton Hospital said: “We wouldn’t comment on individual patients via the newspaper but will be happy to discuss with the family and patient to clarify any concerns.”