A TERRIFIED grandmother has been left heartbroken after thieves ransacked her house as she slept leaving her with nothing - for the SECOND time in months.

Heartless thieves cleaned out 79-year-old Joan Pilkington’s home stealing her car, sentimental jewellery, TV, laptop, mobile phone, bank cars and even the food from her freezer.

It’s the second time thugs have struck at her home in Manchester Road in the past seven months, leaving the grandmother-of-five ‘vulnerable and empty.’

“They’ve taken everything,” the heartbroken gran said after the incident, which happened in the early hours of Thursday morning. She says police investigating the scene found footprints showing burglars had prised open a window to get in as she slept.

Her laptop, mobile phone and flat screen TV, as well as beloved personal belongings including jewellery, sentimental ornaments and family photos, were all taken.

Mrs Pilkington’s car was also stolen in the raid.

She said: “I feel so vulnerable and empty. You just can’t think. The fact that these men were ransacking my house while I was asleep — that’s the worst part. How can anyone do things like this? They’ve taken my grandma’s vases and a framed picture of my husband, it’s just irreplaceable.”

Mrs Pilkington says she noticed straight away that her TV and car had been taken, but it was only later when she realised how far the thieves had gone. She said: “It was only at tea time and I decided to have some food, I discovered they had taken my meat from my freezer.”

She continued: “I feel so isolated, I’ve no car, all my bank cards were taken, and the final straw - no food!”

It is the second burglary in just seven months for Mrs Pilkington, with thieves also stealing jewellery and smaller items in September. 

Mrs Pilkington said: “They must have had a look around and said ‘I’ll come again.’”

Greater Manchester Police have been approached for comment.