FIREFIGHTERS rescued an unconscious man trapped in an over turned car.

The car had come to a stop on its roof in Piggott Street, Farnworth said watch manager Michael O'Neill from the fire service.

The man, thought to be in his 60s, was unconscious when the crews arrived at the scene last night.

Mr O'Neill said: "We had to gain access to the vehicle and create space to get the man out.

"He was breathing but unconscious."

They used hydraulic cutting equipment to free the man, who regained consciousness and was taken to Royal Bolton Hospital in an ambulance.

Mr O'Neill said: "When he got out he made a full recovery and was taken to hospital to be checked over."

Two parked cars were involved in the crash in Piggot Street, which happened at around 10.50pm.

No other person was injured in the collision.

Fire crews from Farnworth and Bolton Central stations attended the scene where they were aided by the Technical Rescue Unit.

The road was blocked while the crews freed the man and Greater Manchester Police officers managed the recovery of the vehicle.

Mr O'Neill said fire crews left the scene at about 11.45pm