A RAFFLE-mad Bolton man is giving someone the chance to bag a Lamborghini for just £1.80 a ticket.

Dunstan Low, 39, is hoping to earn the cash to establish a full-time raffling business with his son Dylan, 18, by doing what he does best — a raffle.

To raise the funds, pair have come up with the Win A Lambo raffle, in which they say that a lucky winner will be awarded up to £400,000 towards a Lamborghini and up to £250,000 in cash.

The only catch with the ambitious project is that Mr Low has to sell 100,000 raffle tickets to make the competition viable. He says that if the minimum number of tickets needed to give away the car is not sold, a cash prize will be awarded instead.

Mr Low says that any cash made from selling more tickets will go towards the cash prize, a charity fund and starting his business. The maximum number of tickets that can be sold is 450,000.

He said: “I think 100,000 sales would be enough to purchase a Lamborghini for the winner.

“The main priority is trying to raffle a Lamborghini. If we manage to sell all 450,000 tickets, we can establish a business.

“We think a business that raffles houses is a sellable solution but it will take time.

This is not the first time the graphic designer, originally from Doffcocker, has raffled off a huge prize to change his life.

In 2017, he decided to raffle his luxury18th-century country home, Melling Manor in Lancashire, worth £800,000.

Mr Low bought the historic six-bed home manor six years prior, but was struggling to meet mortgage repayments when his business suffered a downturn.

To avoid repossession, Mr Low raffled the house, charging £2 per ticket and sold 500,000 tickets to cover the original £845,000 asking price for the property when it was listed in December 2016.

This time, Mr Low says his son is taking the lead. He said: “My eldest lad turned 18 and wanted to get involved. We thought we’d pick something fun that he’s into. A younger demographic drives fast cars!”