A VILLAGE church is revisiting the roots of its home with a pop-up café.

Volunteers from Barrow Bridge Mission have teamed with Huddle Up from All Souls in Astley Street to offer a relaxed café experience for passing dog walkers, hikers and cyclists.

Anna Hough, vice chairman of the leadership team at the church, said: "It's been talked about for a couple of years and about 10 years ago we used to do a café.

"A 100 years ago this building was a café, we have a picture of a lady in a Victorian outfit at a café here.

"We hope the mission can serve the village and people coming past."

Barrow Bridge Mission is running a six-week trial of its pop-up café serving teas, coffee, sweet treats like cakes and ice cream as well as warming soups and chilli.

Four-legged friends will find tasty dog treats waiting for them and a towel if they have been swimming.

Katie McNulty, runs Huddle Up, she was put in contact with Barrow Bridge Mission through the Woodland Trust.

She said: "I run the café at All Souls and all the profits are used to tackle social isolation and loneliness.

"The majority that we do is at All Souls but the hope is that we can do more things like pop-up groups in the community."

"This is, we hope, our second café ­— we're trialling it to see if it works and we will see how it goes."

The café will be open every Saturday from 10am to 2pm for six weeks until May 25. If the trial is successful the volunteers will keep it open on future Saturdays.

Ms Hough said they were looking to find out from their trial what people wanted and will welcome any feedback.