I recently visited the display in Crompton Place shopping centre showing the plans for the development of the Church Wharf area of Bolton. I was very impressed but now, after seeing the designs for the new buildings, reflecting Bolton's industrial past, I am not so happy.

Why would we wish to be reminded of the industrial era which began in the 19th century, bringing with it smoking chimneys belching out poisonous fumes everywhere and blackening everything around, not to mention the appalling living conditions endured by working people. This era did bring wealth to Bolton, as may be seen in our beautiful town hall - one of the finest in the country - but, on the whole, the people who profited were the wealthy mill owners, whilst the area itself was blighted.

Bolton-le-Moors, as it was originally known, was granted a charter by King Henry III on

14th December 1257 to hold a market in Churchgate, subsequently becoming a flourishing market town and borough. You only have to take a walk around Firwood Fold to see the types of hamlets which were springing up around the town.

Despite this, I have no wish to dwell on the past, but I feel it should be possible to build more attractive buildings than those outlined in the current plans.

Muse Developments have said that they are keen to obtain the feelings of the town's residents before they proceed. Indeed, we were encoraged to complete a questionnaire which asked what we would like to see in the plans for the future. I don't think many people would have said they wish to be reminded of the industrial past.