CRAUSBY backs motions calling for fossil fuel reductions (April 22).

It would appear Bolton MP David Crausby has also fallen victim to that ailment known as, “groupthink” which seems to afflict only those in society who for reasons, known only to themselves, seem to think that they are superior in every way to the rest of us normal people, ‘the non-elites’— as we are sometimes depicted as — (or deplorables, as Hillary Clinton once referred to ordinary people as).

How do supposedly intelligent people come to believe such arrant nonsense — that of human-caused climate change despite its implausibility, internal contradictions, contradictory data, evidence corruption and ludicrous policy implications,

I would like Mr Crausby to explain in detail this ideology of his, which if (God forbid) is ever enacted will all but destroy the economy, plunge millions of “deplorables” into abject poverty and, what’s more to the point, will have absolutely no effect whatsoever on climate change.

But I must also say this to Mr Crausby — at the very least he owes it to the people he purports to represent to divulge to them what, if any, empirical, peer reviewed, scientific evidence there actually is which conclusively proves that human activity is directly causing climate change? I won’t hold my breath on this one though?

Stuart A Chapman