AS a regular daily dog walker in Queens Park, I was dismayed to see the state the park was left in when I visited on Bank Holiday Monday in the early morning.

I fully endorse people enjoying the warm weather for the Easter break but I am disgusted at the amount of rubbish and litter left behind from those enjoying themselves.

I also cannot understand the mentality of those drinking alcohol who felt it was necessary to break their glass bottles both in the park and on both car parks at Queens Park, especially when there are adequate litter bins around.

My thanks go out to the hard working council staff who had already filled up one wagon full of rubbish by 9.30am on Monday morning and who were still hard at work on Tuesday morning cleaning up the mess left behind by the mindless idiots with absolutely no thought for others or the wildlife that live in the park.

I am a dog walker who enjoys the park and one who also cleans up after her dog.

Alison Lowther