IT'S a free country and the sexual revolution happened more than 50 years ago.

But there are some sexual freedoms that inhibit the freedoms of others.

And one of those surely has to be the practice of 'dogging' for which apparently Bolton beauty spots are well known.

Apparently it is an open secret that places in Bolton that are known to most of us as pleasant places to take the family to enjoy a walk and a view on a spring day, are known at night for a view of more than the countryside.

Apparently they are known as places to go and enjoy watching other people indulge in their sexual freedoms.

Who knew?

And frankly, who wants to know?

Now that we know, won't it taint those beauty spots for us?

And won't it stop us wanting to go spend an afternoon up there, just in case?

Maybe the opposite is true. Maybe the knowledge will attract more people up to these beauty spots for the wrong reasons.

Possibly not.

But it's hard to believe that none of the participants in these 'adult games' is a victim. Hard to believe that all of those who take part are willing participants.

And even if they are, haven't they spoiled the places of natural beauty for the rest of us?

And what a label for us all to bear. To be known as the town that's an attraction for doggers. Not the reputation the town wants to carry, surely?