The Wedding Singer

Horwich Amateur Theatre Society at Bolton Little Theatre

Until Saturday

THE show takes you back to 1985 where wedding singer Robbie is in love until he gets jilted at the altar by his fiancé Linda.

Step in Julia, a waitress with a heart of gold who dreams of her own wedding day and marrying the perfect man, except her boyfriend Glen is a city slicker who is as slimy as his hair gel.

When Robbie meets Julia it’s clear they won’t be just friends for long, especially if Robbie’s unconventional Grandma has anything to do with it!

Jamie Taylor takes the lead giving a brilliant performance as Robbie, he has you rooting to get his girl from the get go.

A great vocal talent leading a strong cast.

Jenny Hubbard is great too as the sweet natured Julia who strikes up the perfect on-stage partnership with Taylor.

Neil Brogan and Matthew Gavin are both really entertaining as Robbie’s bandmates as they guide him through his love life, great performances from both.

A cracking performance from Hilary Brownson-Hardman as Linda as the sultry vixen who steals each of her limited scenes.

Alice Sofield also gives a strong performance as Holly in her first principle role as Julia’s best friend.

Another good performance from Ryan Norse as Glen, the Wall Street high flyer ruthlessly focused on two things; himself and “All About the Green.”

Some of the funniest scenes came from Sharon Shaw with bags of comic timing as Grandma Rosie, who refuses to act her age. Her unexpected rap was just brilliant.

The thing that stood out for me in this show was just how well all the cast worked together, there wasn’t any small roles, no weak links, everyone played a part ­— some numerous ­— the show was slick and the chemistry flew off the stage and this was down to director Jamie Fletcher who has obviously worked his team hard but instilled a sense of fun into the show.

Paul Robinson’s band was as usual top notch as was the choreography from Lorraine Robinson and Gemma Marr.

Good lighting and a simple set worked well as did the costumes although I don’t think all of them were around when I was in the 80s but this didn’t detract from anything.

This is a proper feel good show and I defy anyone to leave the theatre without humming along to the catchy show anthem ‘It’s Your Wedding Day’.

Jason Crompton