AS a lifelong radical, I of course support the climate change protesters and their non violent sit down protests.

But I think that their analysis of the problem is too narrow.

They concentrate on civilian activity - carbon emissions from industry for example, but do not mention the contribution of war, and of military activity (including military training) to the destruction of the environment.

And yet it is obviously huge (what is the carbon footprint of all those missiles, fighters and bombers for example?) and needs to be separately audited.

Until that is done, I, for one cannot take the climate change protesters completely seriously.

What is needed is for the climate change protesters and the anti war and anti Trident protesters to join together in one comprehensive radical movement.

As it is many individuals are in both movements.

But joining together can only happen when the climate change protesters wake up to the significance to their cause of war and military activity and see that it is properly audited in terms of their main concern.

Malcolm Pittock

St James Avenue