WHILE it is good news that the bus network and Transport for Greater Manchester Services sub-committee are to continue to fund what are deemed as lifeline services, 68, 501, 507, 561, and 562, to the tune of £27.1 million, which all run through Bolton, what we really need is the re-regulation of our buses.

In the 80s Margaret Thatcher de-regulated buses across the country with the exception of Greater London.

What this means is de-regulated means higher fares, less reliable services, and no accountability.

What we really need is the bus service is to be regulated so there is more local control over timetables, cost of fares, and reliability of buses.

London buses are cheaper, more reliable, and more passenger friendly. Now, if this is good enough for London, it is good enough for Greater Manchester.

We call for bus re-regulation in Greater Manchester and demand all 10 council leaders in Greater Manchester including Linda Thomas, Bolton Council leader, alongside the Greater Manchester’s Andy Burnham, join together to strongly lobby central government asking for the same powers as London on regulation of our bus service as a first step towards a fully public bus service.

It is high time bus passengers got the service they deserve.

Alan Johnson

Green Party