I SUFFER from prostate cancer and the regular hormone injections needed to control it have one serious side effect. They weaken the leg muscles so that, even using two sticks, I can walk only slowly and soon tire. But I try to keep walking so I do not seize up altogether

On Monday, April 29 I had a new and disturbing experience. I was struggling along a little frequented path at the Bury side of Seven Acres when suddenly my legs gave up on me completely and I fell to the ground.

I could not possibly get up or even crawl. I hoped that someone would walk down the path — but no one did. I called for help but no one heard.

However, since the exit from the path was not too far away, I thought I might attract the attention of someone on the path leading past the exit.

At first I did not succeed,but finally a young lad heard me and saw me waving my stick. He came several steps towards me and then, without saying anything, he turned round and went off. But he appeared later, accompanied by a lady and a gentleman who tried to haul me on my feet — but I could still neither stand nor walk.

Other good Samaritans joined them and, by dint of their help, I managed to struggle to a waiting car which took me home.

I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to these kind people and to the kind lad who fetched them. Had I not attracted his attention, it was quite possible that I might have lain there all nigh. It was late afternoon and it was quite conceivable that no one would come along the path before the following day. But the lady, who with the gentleman came first, was aware of a deeper lesson: “In a world which is full of so much suffering we must help one another”

Malcolm Pittock

St James Avenue