BOLTON Mountain Rescue volunteers have rescued a climber who fell in a quarry.

The man in his early 50s was climbing with an organised group when he got into trouble at one of the Wilton quarries, between Scout Road and Belmont Road, around 7.20pm on Tuesday.

The climber’s protective equipment failed, then he fell to the ground.

Members of the Mountain Rescue team managed to stabilise him before he was taken to hospital with “potentially serious” injuries.

A spokesman for the team said: “Team members arrived at the scene very soon after the callout message and immediately stabilised the casualty. Shortly after this, members of the North West Ambulance Service HART (Hazardous Area Response Team) arrived. 

“The BMRT casualty carers briefed the HART paramedic who then took overall control of the casualty’s care. 

“The casualty received treatment for pain and injuries. Meanwhile, more BMRT team members and equipment arrived. 

“The casualty was placed on a mountain rescue stretcher and carried down to the ambulance waiting at the Wilton Arms. 

“We wish the climber a speedy recovery.”

Chris Greenhalgh, from Bolton Mountain Rescue, added: “It could have happened to anyone.

“One of the other members was a trained paramedic so he was lucky. It could have been a lot worse.

“We always advise people to make sure they climb with friends and use the correct equipment.”