MORE THAN 100 years of history is coming to a close as a longstanding family business marks the end of an era.

David and Jean Green, both 70, are saying goodbye to their furniture shop in Westhoughton after decades at the heart of the community.

After 41 years of hard work at the helm, the couple have sold their shop and are retiring.

Green's Furnishers first opened its doors in Market Street in 1911 and since then, three generations of the Green family have been making hand-carved furniture for residents.

Mrs Green said: "It started in 1911 and those were the days when it was just a workshop!"

After James Green opened the small shop just before the First World War, he handed down his carving skills to his son Harry, who in turn taught his own son, David.

The Green's Furnishers workshop has seen everything from intricate tables and chairs to grandfather clocks, as well as beloved pieces for local churches.

Current owners David and his wife Jean took over the shop in 1978 and have juggled the busy store with raising their daughter, Sarah.

The pair say they will be sad to leave their second home, but they happy to be leaving with good memories of their longstanding place in the town.

Mrs Green reminisced, saying: "I think we are the last family business of any length in Westhoughton, which is sad in a way but it's a hard business and physically it's very demanding. It's the end of an era.

"I've enjoyed chatting with the customers. The people who come in have become friends. Older customers have known David since he was small."

Mr Green added: "You see them again and again, you see their kids, you see them in the street. I personally have enjoyed doing the woodwork and creating an end product where I can think, "that will be there for a long time.""

Green's Furnishers will be hosting a closing down sale from Wednesday.

The shop will be closed temporarily for the next few days while the owners prepare for the final sale.