I READ with interest the recent Bolton News articles about our local bus services and the comments that followed.

The 125 Preston to Bolton service run by Stagecoach is every ten minutes during the week.

I catch it at the top of Chorley Old Road, a major route into Bolton passing doctors and dentists' surgeries and Morrisons supermarket. It is the only bus to cover this route and often struggles to cope with the demand.

I have witnessed incidents where the bus was so crowded that standing passengers had to get off to allow people at the back to disembark and mothers with prams left behind.

This situation makes it difficult to keep to the timetable so a 20-minute wait is not unusual with two buses coming simultaneously.

The drivers are always pleasant and polite in these trying circumstances which must be stressful for them.

When the proposed housing is built in the St Georges Road area the demand for this service will be much greater, especially as car parking for these houses is to be limited.

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