THE Bolton Whites Hotel looks likely to remain closed for the time being as the financial issues at Wanderers remain unresolved.

Staff and guests left the building on Wednesday afternoon after it was considered there were not enough resources available for the business to continue safely.

The April wages of around 60 hotel staff remain unpaid as the football club seeks new ownership, or potentially a decision to place the business into administration.

Plans to reopen today are now being revised with no guarantees on when, or if, salaries will be paid. Laurence Bassini, who is seeking to buy Wanderers and its associated companies – including the hotel – from Ken Anderson claims he was willing to invest money to prevent it from closing but has been obstructed by the current owner.

“The hotel did not need to close,” he said. “I wanted to clear it up last week, in fact I insisted upon it. I had an extra £200,000 which could have paid all the staff but, no, he had to be stubborn. That is why this club is the way it is and somebody should have stepped in a long time to sort it out."“There are serious, serious problems there. You just don’t get the correct answers you should be getting.”

Wanderers and Anderson have been contacted for comment. The club is yet to issue an official statement but bookings for the hotel are currently closed up to Tuesday, May 7.

Caterers Heathcote & Co say they will continue to service conferencing and banqueting events at the Premier Suite and in the stadium, so long as it is possible to do so.