BOLTON Council's local election results left no party in control of the council this morning.

Labour lost seven seats last night with more than half taken by hyper-local parties such as Farnworth and Kearsley First.

The Tories finished with only one more councillor overall but could end up running Bolton Council for the first time in nearly 40 years.

In Salford, Labour kept a vast majority. The political makeup of the council is now 50 Labour, nine Conservative and one Independent.

Little Hulton saw Labour councillor Kate Lewis keep her seat with 933 votes.

Worsley's Tory councillor Robin Garrido also kept his seat with 1,488 votes.

In the Boothstown and Ellenbrook Ward, Conservative candidate Darren Ward gained a seat with 1,378 votes.

Labour councillor Jim Dawson kept hold of his seat in Swinton North, with 1,160 votes. Meanwhile in Swinton South, Labour council Jim Cammell secured a seat with 815 votes.

The controlling party also retained two seats in Walkden North and Pendlebury with Sammie Bellamy and John Ferguson getting 976 and 986 votes respectively.

44,121 votes were cast in total, with a turn out of 26.15 per cent.

Selected Salford City Council local election results:

Boothstown and Ellenbrook Ward

BAILEY John Kenneth, UK Independence Party (UKIP) 200

BATTERSBY Diana Joy, Green Party 314

CUSACK Phil, Labour Party 731

WARD Darren, The Conservative Party Candidate 1,378

Majority 647

Turnout 34.94%

Total votes 2,641

Void votes 18

Little Hulton Ward

BATTERSBY Frederick Roy, The Green Party 215

FROST Michael, UK Independence Party (UKIP) 441

LEACH Lewis, The Conservative Party Candidate 243

LEWIS Kate*, Labour Party 933

Majority 492

Turnout 19.7%

Total votes 1.839

Void votes 7

Pendlebury Ward

BROADLEY George, Liberal Democrat 137

DEWBERRY Alastair Ian, Green Party 183

FERGUSON John*, Labour Party 986

JOHNSEN Luke, The Conservative Party Candidate 316

MARSDEN Jonathan, UK Independence Party (UKIP) 424

O`NEILL Joe, Independent, 238

Majority 562

Turnout 25.09%

Total votes 2,302

Void votes 18

Swinton North Ward

CHEETHAM Andy, The Conservative Party Candidate 341

DAWSON Jim*, Labour Party 1,160

OLSEN Andy, UK Independence Party (UKIP) 437

SMITH Valerie, Liberal Democrat 142

WAITE Liam, The Green Party 210

Majority 723

Turnout 27.91%

Total votes 2,316

Void votes 26

Swinton South Ward

BISBEY Catherine, The Conservative Party Candidate 304

BLESSING James Karl, Liberal Democrat 130

BOYCE Carol Margaret, Independent 565

CAMMELL Jim, Labour Party 815

CLARKE Samuel, Green Party 187

OLSEN Stacey, UK Independence Party (UKIP) 347

Majority 250

Turnout 28.73%

Total votes 2,367

Void votes 19

Walkden North Ward

BELLAMY Sammie*, Labour Party 976

GILL Bernard, UK Independence Party (UKIP) 470

MACDONALD Ian, The Conservative Party Candidate 296

SEED Christopher Frederick, Green Party 255

Majority 506

Turnout 21.92%

Total votes 2,005

Void votes 8

Walkden South Ward – election postponed due to death of candidate

Worsley Ward

BERTENSHAW Christopher, Green Party 307

CHISNALL Ian, Liberal Democrat 264

GARRIDO Robin John*, The Conservative Party Candidate 1,488

OWEN Norman Joseph, Labour Party 586

SNELGROVE Arthur, UK Independence Party (UKIP) 223

Majority 902

Turnout 35.71%

Total votes 2,891

Void votes 23