A PAIR of talented photographers have turned their lenses onto a major project to renovate a run-down section of the town centre's railway station.

Liesa Samuels and Richard Lloyd-Mullen are independent snappers who are also studying at the University of Bolton and were tasked with following improvements being completed by the Bolton Station Community Development Partnership.

The scheme sees members of a number of different groups working to bring some of the disused Victorian parts of the station back into use as community centres.

This includes updating an old guardroom between platforms four and five which has now become available for meetings but will also see a number of areas used as artistic installations to showcase the work of people from Bolton.

The project is backed by a £1m fund from Northern and Network Rail.

Ms Samuel's says she has been impressed by the work that has taken place so far.

"It's amazing what they have done we go in and you're greeted by this fantastic stained glass windows," she said.

"Hopefully with us sharing our images people can follow the project all the way and see the amazing work that's taking place."

Mr Lloyd-Mullen added: "It's impressive because it was a derelict building that was there for so many years and someone's decided to do something with it.

"We were asked to start documenting the project because they wanted to be able to see the change over time.

"What's great about having the two of us is that we both have a different eye but our work compliments each other."

The pair are hoping to document the station improvements for the length of the project.

So far, the images captured show workers preparing rooms for renovation and beginning the long process of regeneration.

Wider station improvements, which are due to be completed this summer, include new seating, signage, station toilets, improved waiting rooms and pigeon netting.

Anyone interested in following the station project can find more images at: www.liesajanephotography.co.uk and richartltd.co.uk.

All of the pictures which document the work are also likely to be available in the form of books or magazines released at the end of the project.