A MOB of more than 10 people took to the street in a mass brawl with weapons, including crowbars, cricket bats and baseball bats.

A fight broke out on Saturday afternoon just before 3pm in Lever Edge Lane.

About 11 men fought in the street, attacking each other with weapons.

The groups of men can be seen running at each other, throwing punches and swinging cricket bats, baseball bats and crowbars in videos being shared on WhatsApp.

Two videos of the incident show men attacking each other. One video was filmed from a car while another is by an onlooker trying to break things up.

The video shows the clash moving from one side of the street to the other.

The brawl continues for several minutes with the men hurling abuse at each other in Punjabi and swearing.

Some members of the group try to break things up, onlookers can be heard commenting that one of the men carrying a baseball bat is bleeding from his head.

The Bolton News:

The man filming the brawl says repeatedly “Ramzan (Ramadan) on is on Monday,” in an attempt to calm the violence. The members of the fighting groups talk at the side of the road, but tensions appear to flare again seconds later.

The fight breaks out again as one man starts swearing at another in Punjabi.

One of those involved in the fighting says in Punjabi “I am going to sort this out — my shoulder is dislocated,” as well hurling further insults.

The Bolton News:

Onlookers in the street can be heard to be saying: “Ramadan is on Monday.”

Eventually one group moves away and the violence is seen to stop as the fighting men break up from their groups.

Police responded to reports of the fights in the street and arrived at the scene.

A Greater Manchester Police spokesman said: “Police received reports of a disturbance at 2.55pm.

“When police arrived there was no fighting ongoing. Minor injuries have been reported from people believed to be involved. Enquiries are ongoing, no arrests were made.”

The Bolton News: