THE turnout for the UK Local elections are normally extremely low, with many believing local elections are pointless.

However this year's local elections were different. There was one thing that separated the local elections this year from last year's, that was the Brexit delays!

We were scheduled to leave the EU on March 29, 2019. However, many different circumstances such has the Irish backstop and the customs union have led to a Brexit delay.

We are now scheduled to leave on October 31, 2019.

While Corbyn and May are now negotiating a deal which works for both parties, Political parties such as the Liberal Democrats are backing a second referendum. This means that some of the remain voters voted for the Liberal Democrats and the Green party, who back a second referendum.

As well as this, many people put spoiled papers in the ballot boxes protesting the delay on Brexit.

Many Brexiteers, who believe neither the Conservatives or Labour can make Brexit happen, are waiting for the European Parliamentary Elections when parties such as the newly formed Brexit party, who want a hard Brexit, are standing for election.

The local elections meant something more than your local council. It showed the people’s willingness for a second referendum.

It showed the people’s willingness to continue with the path Britain is going down. With the Tories losing more than 1,300 councillors and Labour losing 80, we have not seen the last of the third party opinion, in fact we’ll see more of it than ever before.

Charles Greenhalgh, aged 12