USERS of Blackburn Road know that traffic congestion has been a longstanding problem and the current works make the situation even worse.

I realise as do motorists that replacing aged gas mains is clearly important but action to address the traffic problem is needed.

I am surprised that traffic engineers have not made a greater effort to ease the problem by indicating the alternative route along Watersmeeting Road.

Altering the sequence of the traffic signals at both ends and showing diversion signs would I am sure make it easier for traffic both north and south along Blackburn Road.

I know that control of Bolton’s traffic signals was passed by the council to Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) but surely rather than causing months of daily delay, frustration and misery for motorists it is an option worth at least testing.

Whilst as councillors we continue to seek long term solutions from TfGM I have written to highway engineers asking for this to be considered as a matter of urgency even if it is only for a temporary period during the roadworks.

Cllr John Walsh