AN historic town tradition is in jeopardy, as organisers of a more than 30-year-old carnival struggle to find participants.

Horwich Carnival can trace its origins back more than three decades, but its fate is hanging in the balance according to longtime organisers Diane Woodruff and Andrea Allott.

Every year, the carnival comes to town complete with a parade, the Voice of Horwich singing contest and the crowning of the local royalty. Ms Woodruff, who has been helping to arrange the show for seven years, says the number of people who have come forward for this year's parade has dropped unexpectedly to less than five entries.

She said: "I'm worried about the parade. We would normally have had some people entering by now. Every year we get a lot of complaints about the carnival that it's too short — instead of saying that, join in! It's free, people can use a car or a van or just walk."

Ms Woodruff is hoping to make a triumphant return to the carnival in June, as last year saw her in hospital under treatment for cancer at the time of the festival. Though she is still fighting her battle, Ms Woodruff is working to make this year better than ever.

She said: "I used to do it with my children and they have such nice memories."

The organisers are encouraging everyone to get involved, from families to schools, Scouts, businesses and other organisations.

Ms Woodruff added: "Use the costumes from World Book Day so it's not costing you anything. All organisations can get involved."

The parade is scheduled for June 23. The organisers can be reached on 07719161076 or 07881912972. Email or