FAR-RIGHT activist Tommy Robinson is on the campaign trail in Bolton and Bury at the weekend.

On Saturday Mr Robinson will visit both Bolton and Prestwich as he attempts to win votes for the European elections on May 23.

Mr Robinson, the co-founder and former spokesman of the English Defence League, is hoping to represent the North West of England in the European Parliament and has been travelling the region.

He hit the headlines when on two separate occasions in Bury and then Warrington he was doused with milkshakes by members of the public who disagreed with his views.

In response to this his campaign team have said they have had to hire professional security and co-ordinate with the police on a daily basis to ensure Mr Robinson’s safety.

In a letter to his supporters Mr Robinson, a former BNP member, said: “The election on 23rd May is how we fight back. Put me right inside the EU and they won’t know what hit them. They’ll long for the days when it was just Nigel Farage.

“I admire what Farage achieved in the past. But at the end of the day, he’s just another millionaire stockbroker who looks down at the working classes.”

Mr Robinson says he is fighting for “the forgotten people who have no voice”.

Cllr David Greenhalgh, leader of the Conservative group on Bolton Council said: “Tommy Robinson is a controversial character, who will no doubt attract the usual media circus.

“He is a candidate in the forthcoming elections, and like all other candidates, has the right to campaign across his patch. 

“We have a proud tradition of free speech, and as long as he and his followers campaign respectfully and peacefully, I don’t believe there should be an issue.”

Cllr Roger Hayes leader of the Liberal Democrats said: “If he’s coming to cause trouble I wish he’d stay away. I don’t think he’s any help to anyone.”

Mr Robinson is due to be in Bolton on Saturday at 3pm and will also visit Prestwich on the same day.

His campaign team has been approached for further details.

Details of Mr Robinson’s appearances are updated on votetommy.co.uk online.