On May 23 elections for the European Parliament will be held – the poll nobody wanted but is now being called by many as the ’second referendum’ on Brexit.

Newsquest Lancashire is holding a special online poll this week to find out whether it’s readers will be voting and who they expect to vote for.

Turn-out is traditionally low and no-one knows whether the current Parliamentary deadlock over Brexit will put people off or encourage them to make their views known through the ballot box.

Eight Euro-MPs will be chosen for the North-West from a regional list of candidates put forward by each party according to a system of proportional representation.

The ballot paper will have list of the candidates for each party but each person who turns up at the polling station can only vote once for the party of their choice.

The votes are then totted up and the eight Euro-MPs are chosen using a special formula with the number of candidates elected for each party based on the proportion of votes each receives in the region. The actual Euro-MPs are selected for each party list with number one first, number two second.

In the North-West the Conservatives, Labour, the Liberal Democrats, UKIP, Change UK, The Greens and the Brexit Party are all fielding a full slate of eight candidates. The English Democrats are fielding two candidates, the UK European Party one, and there are two Independents.