YOUTH charity Xplode Magazine, based in Bolton, is rebranding with a new name and focus.

Xplode Magazine will become Youth Leads UK revealed the charity’s 22-year-old founder Saeed Atcha.

Speaking to Bolton Clinical Commissioning Group Mr Atcha said the new name came with a new challenge, to get more young people into trustee positions.

He said: “The research shows young people want to serve as trustees and organisations are not set up to support young people in those roles.”

Xplode Magazine was set up in 2011 while Mr Atcha was at school and helps young people develop employable skills and confidence.

Mr Atcha spoke to the health leaders at the CCG and announced that the two groups would be working more closely together to help young people navigate the health services.

Romesh Gupta, secondary care specialist member on the board said it was important they engaged with young people to "prevent illness" to help alleviate the load on the health service.

Chloe Bennet, from Xplode, told the CCG about a young woman from Bolton. She found it hard accessing mental and sexual health services and her GP was unaware of some services.

Dr Barry Silvert, clinical director integrated commissioning, said he was “distressed” by the example and disappointed GPs were not able to direct patients to appropriate services.

The CCG agreed they would make sure doctors were aware of what was on offer.