A CAFE is turning unwanted food into dinner for people who need it the most.

The Stock Pot, in Tonge Moor Road, regularly takes donations from customers who want to give food to homeless people in the area.

Last Saturday, staff at the cafe decided to turn the donations into dinner and spent the day feeding people for free.

Owner Laura Stock said the day was success as the food cooked was enough to feed seven people who visited the cafe and a further seven who had their food sent out to them.

“It’s really rewarding,” she said. “We have committed to doing it on the second Saturday of the month so hopefully we can get more people along.

“It was a success and there were people who came in to eat who we hadn’t met before.

"A lot of them said they would come back and also let other people know who might need it.”

The Stock Pot already operates a Pay it Forward Board, which allows people buying a meal to pay for an extra portion to be given to someone in need.

Staff at the cafe work with Jamilah Rashid, a member of staff at Bolton-based Hope 4 Homeless, to make sure the food is delivered to people most in need of it.

The charity tries to provide essentials for the people who are living on the streets.

Anyone interested in getting into contact to offer donations or volunteer can call 07504 727051, email info@hope4homeless.co.uk or visit the shop in Tonge Moor Road.