NIGEL Farage will be in Bolton on Monday as part of a nationwide tour.

The Brexit Party leader will be at the Bolton Whites Hotel in Horwich at 7pm.

More than 300 tickets have been sold despite technical difficulties online.

The event disappeared from the party's website yesterday and appeared to be sold out on the ticket provider's page. Tickets are now available again on Eventbrite for £2.50.

Mr Farage was in the borough less than a year ago when he kicked off his Leave Means Leave rally at the University of Bolton Stadium.

Since then, he has quit the party which he once led and formed a new one called the Brexit Party.

Bolton's UKIP leader Sean Hornby said that Mr Farage has a "very soft spot" for Bolton. He said: "The moment he felt the Brexit vote was turning was when he visited Bolton."

The election for Members of the European Parliament (MEP) will take place on Thursday.

There are eight seats up for grabs in the North West. Currently, there are three UKIP, three Labour and two Conservative MEPs for the region.

Far-right figure Tommy Robinson is standing as an indepedent candidate.

Cllr Hornby believes the Brexit Party will do well but was less optimistic about his own party's chances.

He said: "Farage is going to wipe the floor. I don't think Tommy Robinson is going to be elected. I think the Tories won't take anything. Labour might take one. Last time, we won three but that's when UKIP was at it's best. I suspect this we'll get one this year."