HYPER-LOCAL parties have been offered key committee roles at the council.

The two new parties, which have seven councillors between them, will take three vice-chair roles on scrutiny committees.

Labour councillors are set to nominate a chair for three scrutiny committees with the Lib Dems chairing the fourth.

These committees exist for councillors from all parties to scrutinise decisions made at the town hall.

Farnworth and Kearsley First (FKF) and Horwich and Blackrod First Independents (HBFI) councillors will be nominated for these roles on Wednesday when the new Conservative administration takes control.

Newly-elected Farnworth councillor Lisa Weatherby will be nominated as vice-chair of the place scrutiny committee, covering environmental services, highways and transport.

Fellow FKF councillor Julie Pattison will become the adult and health scrutiny vice-chair while one of the two HBFI councillors will be children’s services scrutiny vice-chair.

The newest party at Bolton Council will also lead a review of the winter gritting schedule with a policy development group vice-chaired by the Lib Dems. There will also be a review of town councils.

FKF group leader, Cllr Paul Sanders, said: “Cllr Pattison is hoping to bring a fresh set of eyes that will add to the amazing improvements that have been achieved over the last 12 months. She has a wealth of experience from working within the care industry, also of ‘walking in the shoes’ as a service user, and from a anti-poverty perspective. Julie is very passionate about our care services and the way they deliver.

"Lisa has a wealth of knowledge having worked within the waste and recycling industry for over 20 years. The environment is a passion of Lisa's. She is looking forward to working with all members on issues under the Place portfolio."

Lib Dem councillor Doug Bagnall will chair the place scrutiny committee and UKIP leader Sean Hornby will vice-chair corporate scrutiny.

All ten executive cabinet portfolios will belong to Conservative councillors, as The Bolton News revealed last week. Cllr Hornby explained why his party did not want a cabinet role.

He said: “We didn’t want anything that involved a responsibility allowance. We wanted to be seen as part of the scrutiny of whatever is being done.”

All party leaders, except for Labour, signed a 25-point agreement two weeks ago in return for appointing Tory councillor David Greenhalgh as council leader on Wednesday.

The agreement states that it is the duty of opposition parties to scrutinise meetings. The opposition leader, Labour councillor Linda Thomas, is set to chair the audit committee.

Conservative councillor John Walsh will chair the planning committee with vice-chair offered to Labour.

Tory leader, Cllr Greenhalgh, said: “John’s experience and expertise on planning over many years will be exactly what is needed to ensure that processes are adhered to and that committees are run effectively, while respecting all those who are there to contribute, whether applicants or objectors.”

Cllr Paul Wild will chair the licensing committee with Cllr Mudasir Dean as his vice-chair. Cllr Bob Allen will be appointed to the Bolton At Home board.

Cllr Greenhalgh said: “There has just been a peer review into licensing at the council. Recommendations will be made.

“This is an important piece of work, which we will see through, and with Paul and Mudasir, along with the cabinet member at the helm, I am confident we can make some positive changes.”

“Cllr Bob Allen was a much-respected member of the Bolton at Home board for eight years, which is the maximum continual stint allowed. Bolton at Home are key strategic partners in the town, and we need someone with experience and attention to detail as the council’s appointment.”