A BOLTON author clashed with Piers Morgan on national TV this morning.

Matt Cain, the author of the Madonna of Bolton, appeared on Good Morning Britain defending his idol from Piers Morgan's barbed words.

Mr Cain said Madonna was more than her vocals, saying: "Madonna's always had different tools in her arsenal to use to get her message across."

Mr Morgan called her singing "horrendous" and Mr Cain argued if she mimed she would also have been attacked by Mr Morgan.

Mr Cain said: "What I like about Madonna and what I first connected with as a child growing up having a difficult time, as I know lots of other people have, is that image of strength, self-determination, rising above the hate."

The Good Morning Britain presenter Tweeted "RIP Madonna's career" after her Eurovision performance on Saturday night.

He continued to lambast the seven-time Grammy-winning artist's performance on the early morning talk show.

More than once he laid into Madonna, who sang her 1989 hit Like A Prayer and her new single Future featuring US rapper Quavo.

Her performance received mixed reactions from the public on social media with some praising while other felt autotune issues overshadowed her show.

Lorraine Kelly also agreed with Piers saying she was the "worst" performance of the night.

Susanna Reid asked: "What should she do?"

Mr Morgan replied: "Retire, that's my advice."