A NEIGHBOUR feared her property could be damaged by explosions when a car fire broke out in the early hours of the morning. 

A silver Toyota iQ caught fire just before 3am yesterday morning in Chelsea Road in Great Lever. Firefighters believe the car was deliberately set on fire. 

The car’s owner Claudia Thorp, 52, was woken by the car’s alarm and saw the burning car from her window. 

She said: “I just saw smoke. I was just panicking because why would somebody do that?

“I’ve lived here eight years and I have never seen anything like it.

"I just don't understand it. I keep myself to myself, I really don't get it”

Miss Thorp’s neighbour Margaret Platt, 71, was woken by what she thought was people talking outside before the car alarm was set off. 

When she looked outside and saw the car “it was just flames” said Ms Platt. 

She said: “I was more frightened because I thought if it explodes I don’t know how far it could throw something.

“I heard mini explosions while it was on fire.”

Ms Platt said she called Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service who were already on their way and made sure all the windows in her home were shut because the smoke was blowing towards her house she said. 

Firefighters were called to the car fire at 2.50am and when they arrived the driver and passenger sides were both on fire with the blaze spreading towards the car's engine said crew manager Mark McCourt. 

Mr McCourt from Bolton Central Fire Station attended the scene with his crew, he said: "The police have been informed due to it being a suspected deliberate ignition.”

The fire crew were on the scene for around 45 minutes dealing with the fire and making the area safe afterwards. 

Miss Thorp said: "Apparently there was a girl that lives in the flat behind me that called the fire brigade. 

"The firefighters were really quick."

Greater Manchester Police has been approached for a comment.