A THIRTEEN-year-old boy was punched and knocked unconscious after being attacked outside his front door by a gang of youths.

The assault happened after a teacher intervened in an altercation after school to give Abdul Wasay-Ullah a lift home.

The pupil was set upon by three boys, some who attend his school, just moments after he was dropped at home by a teacher.

The teenager returned to Ladybridge High School after two weeks yesterday after his grandma — his legal guardian — feared she could be fined for not sending him to school.

The school stressed that a fine for absence would not have been issued — and said swift action had been taken to deal with the boys at the school who were involved in the attack on Abdul. Headteacher Patrick Russell said the school was working to ensure Abdul felt safe at school.

The boy was attacked by three boys on May 3 after being punched just minutes earlier by one boy, who is not from his school.

He said: “I was walking with my friends to the Co-op and they all came up to me and one guy said ‘what have you been saying?’ and he punched me and ran away.”

Teachers driving home stopped to see what was happening and one took Abdul home.

He said: “They were hiding behind the trees when the teacher dropped me off in front of the house. I got in the driveway and they all came and they punched me, this guy came behind me and would not let me go in the the house.

“They punched me on my eye on couple of times and on my face, everywhere on my face. I fainted for a few minutes.”

“My neighbour was parking his car and saw and ran to me and they ran off. The next day I was terrible. My whole face was hurting and couldn’t open my eye.”

The family contacted police and were given a crime reference number.

Abdul told The Bolton News said he was scared to go back to school, following the assault.

His grandma Shahnaz, who feared a penalty charge notice, sent him to school on Tuesday.

She said: “I will give him to the teacher and say he is your responsibility.”

His uncle, Faizul Rana is pressing for charges to be brought against those responsible for the attack.

He said: “Police have been in touch and they are apparently meant to go to the school. I’ve said to the officer, I want to press charges.”

Mr Russell said staff who were driving home stopped after they saw a group of Ladybridge learners and pulled over to see what was happening. They alerted other colleagues and dropped students who were on the scene home.

Mr Russell said: “The teacher dropped off Abdul and watched him go up the drive. We have been in touch with the family throughout to offer support, with the grandma coming into school. There has been a misunderstanding about the fine, it would not have been issued and she would have been told that the school were doing all it could to support him and stop a fine for absence being issued. The school has dealt with the boys including speaking to their parents. We want to make sure Abdul feels safe at school. I spoke to him when he returned to school to see if he had any concerns.”

He added: “I have been delighted with the pro-active response of staff supporting the boy involved.”

Greater Manchester Police have been contacted for a comment.