A NUMBER of brides-to-be have been left in a panic after a town centre bridal shop closed suddenly. 

Glamour Bridal, in Churchgate closed last Friday and an announcement notice was posted on the shop window. 

Owners have said that any wedding dresses ordered from the store are now being handled by the designers and that anybody that has paid a deposit will be covered by their insurance.

They blamed the closure on factors such as rent, business rates and the rise in online shopping. 

The statement, which was also posted on their official website read: “Despite continued investment, it is with the greatest sadness that the decision was taken this week to close Glamour Bridal.

“Huge and well known retailers are closing all the time. Big brands we have all used and trusted for years have been closing steadily for the past 18 months, and if they can’t make it in this tough climate, how can small independent retailers expect to survive? 

“With crippling rents and rates, rising costs in buying genuine designer dresses and far too many brides using us for the experience to then buy a copy dress on line or seek a cheaper alternative from a Facebook selling group, it has made it impossible to for us to continue. 

“We are incredibly sad to be a casualty in this tough climate.”

Hayley McFadden is due to get married this Saturday and and she paid around £1,500 for wedding dress but now she has been told that she will have to wear the store’s sample dress which has been tried on by numerous people.

She said: “I initially ordered it in 2017 and I went in May 2018 for alterations.

“Around six weeks ago Debbie (the owner) rang me to tell me the dress had come back from the designer the wrong colour.

“They told me the right dress would be here no later than the 15th because I get married on the 25th.

“It’s still not here so she’s arranged for another bridal shop to do the alterations  on the sample dress.

“So basically I’ve paid £1,500 for a dress everybody’s tried on.”

Miss McFadden explained how the mix up has put a dampener on her big day.

She added: “The last two weeks I’ve been so stressed. My hair’s been falling out. It’s ruined the build up to my wedding.

“I know Debbie on a personal level and that’s the main reason I bought my dress from her but she’s not offered me a refund.

“Bridal Couture Italia have worked magic with the alterations and luckily I have a dress down to them, even though it’s annoying that it’s the sample one.”

Another bride-to-be Zoe Morris is set to tie the knot on September 14 and she paid in full for two wedding dresses and two bridesmaid dresses around three months ago. 

She said: “When I read that they’d closed, I was panicking. My heart sank.

“I phoned my partner at work and she almost collapsed.

“To be fair, I emailed them and they messaged straight back to tell me I could go in tomorrow to pick my dresses up.

“The bridesmaid dresses are still with the designers though so I need to ask them what’s happening with them when I go down in person.

“Debbie who runs it is a lovely lady though. It’s a shame.”

Debbie Buck, the owner of Bridal Glamour said that “all brides have been taken care of” and defended the situation with Miss McFadden’s dress.

She added: “She has a dress in the colour, style and design she wanted, and all her alterations were paid for.

“I understand it’s inconvenient but we have kept our contractual obligations. 

“We haven’t let a bride down in the eight years that we’ve been open.”