AN appeal has been made for any memories relating to this photograph that was sent in by a Bolton News reader.

Sheila Baisbrown, aged 86, was one of six siblings who all attended Astley Bridge Primary School in Seymour Road.

This photograph is believed to have been taken at the mixed school in the 1940s — before it closed in 1950.

“We want to know if anyone can remember where this was taken and what was happening in the photo”, Mrs Baisbrown said.

“Most of them are wearing a shirt and tie so it must have been something special. They had not really started a uniform when we attended between 1937 and 1948. We wore our own clothes.

“It looks like teachers and probably the minister from the school.”

She recalled: “There was a huge school hall where they held assemblies, a large playground for all the games, and I also remember a scout hut.

“Boys used to get the slipper or the cane and the girls would get the ruler or a slipper behind their knee. I didn’t have that.”

Mrs Baisbrown’s late brother, Gordon Duckworth, is pictured on the third row, fourth from the left.

“My brother was aged about eight or nine at the time”, the Outwood Grove resident said.

“I recognise some of the people as his close friends who lived near us. Back then we were living in Cameron Street.

“We are at a bit of a loss as to why the picture was taken. It seems to be more than a class photo.

“We want to see if anyone can remember anything, what the occasion was, any memories of this.”

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