THE iconic 'Phoenix Club' sign has been put back up at St Gregory's Club, sparking rumours about a third series of Phoenix Nights.

The sitcom initially ran on Channel 4 between 2001 and 2002 and has remained as popular as ever in the years since.

Co-writer and star Peter Kay has teased a third series on a number of occasions and confirmed that it was written in April, 2017, but admitted that 'things kept getting in the way' of filming it.

Last week, a Twitter fan account with 58,000 followers sparked excitement when it tweeted a photo of the iconic club alongside the words: "The Phoenix Club sign is back up at St. Gregory’s. Series 3 anyone? Spread the Word."

Neil Fitzmaurice who played Ray Von and helped to write the show alongside Peter Kay and Dave Spikey replied: "If it was up to me we’d have done it ages ago pal."

However anyone getting excited about an imminent return for the show may be disappointed to learn that the sign has not been put up for filming purposes.

Owner of St Gregory's, Paul Riley explained his reasons for putting the sign back up.

He said: "There's no plans for a new series that we know of.

"I think because it's such a popular show, people just like to come up, visit and have their photo taken.

"We always had people coming in and asking us if it was the same place. It would be a daily thing. "So we've decided to put the sign up because it makes it nice for people to be able to have their photo taken outside."