A YOUNG girl is embarking on a mission to cure cancer after discovering her older brother’s battle with the disease when he was a baby.

Millie Colhoun, 10, was shocked and upset to learn the full details of her brother’s eye cancer when he was two and has decided to raise money to make sure no one else is affected by cancer.

Her mum Cathy said: “She knew he had cancer when he was a baby but nothing had been explained to her.

“At school they said you can have treatment and sometimes it can come back.

“They had been learning about smoking and she put two and two together and got really upset because she didn’t want it to come back.”

When he was just two Millie’s brother was diagnosed with retinoblastoma, a rare cancer that develops in children’s eyes.

Cathy spotted a white dot in his pupil and described the moment he was diagnosed as “horrendous”. Luckily he was treated quickly, his eye was removed and he recovered.

Millie was aware that her brother had had cancer but did not know how serious the disease can be and that in some cases it can return during her lesson at St Matthew’s in Little Lever.

The teachers told her parents how upset she had been and Cathy sat her down at home to explain.

She said: “I explained how years ago people got diphtheria and TB but they found a cure through research and that people are raising money to find a cancer cure and that’s when she said ‘Well I want to raise some money then’.”

Through her brother’s girlfriend Millie has been able to get space at Tesco, Crossley Street in Little Lever on Saturday, June 1 and will be there selling cakes and sweet treats to raise money for Cancer Research UK.

Millie and her mum will be baking cakes and her aunt Jane Kelly will also be lending a hand. Family friends have also promised to help and help supply the stall with goodies to help Millie raise as much money as she can.