THE ‘terrible’ state of a Bolton road has prompted calls for action from an angry business owner.

David Pennington, one of the owners of GT Penningtons Office Furniture in Edgar Street, says the road outside his shop is an accident waiting to happen.

The road is covered with potholes so deep that old cobbles are showing through.

Only last week a cyclist fell off their bike on the uneven surface, but Mr Pennington says a more serious accident is waiting to happen unless action is taken soon.

But despite raising the issue, the business owner says his calls for action have been ignored. “It’s terrible,” he said. “All the cobbles are coming through and there are cracks everywhere. It’s been like that for about a month now. It’s only a matter of time before there’s a serious accident.

“I’ve sent the council an email about it but I’ve had absolutely nothing back.

“I just wanted to raise awareness so hopefully something finally gets done.”

Executive cabinet member for Highways, Councillor Stuart Haslam said potholes are one of the main problems he is looking to tackle in his new role, which he was appointed to earlier this week.

He said: “They’re a very big concern. Not only because of the road safety implications but potential damage to cyclists, pedestrians and the general public.

“I was only appointed on Wednesday so I haven’t had time to really look at anything yet but I will be in touch with GF Penningtons straight away. I’m meeting with the head of Highways on Tuesday to talk about our problems and potholes are at the top of my list.”