As a Morning Star reader for over 40 years, and Green Party member since 2003, I was angry to read Kristian Carter take on the Greens 25/5/19.

I really don’t know how old he is, but just to remind him, the Green Party was challenging Neo-liberalism long before Labour, or any other party

Indeed Labour pre Corbyn was itself neo-liberal, and never attacked austerity, while the Greens opposed it from the very beginning.

And to put the Green Party in the same bracket as the Lib Dems and Change Uk. is an insult.

He certainly shows a lack of judgement, and understanding of Green policies.

And on the issue of Climate Change the Greens again were the first to raise this serious issue when others scoffed at it. Now it is mainstream.

And finally on Labour's policies for our economy, while I would agree with the general tone of it, they are no way Socialist, more Social Democratic.

The Greens recognise we must change the system in order to seriously tackle the climate crisis, and we feel this IS best done within the EU.

Alan Johnson

Church Avenue