A CRASH saw one car speed into a house last night, leaving the car hanging over the sleeping residents' bedroom.

At around midnight, fire, police and ambulance crews were called to a house in Ainsworth, where two cars had crashed and a driver absconded.

One of the cars involved, believed to have been going at around 60 miles per hour, careered into a Church Street home after hitting a car turning into a side street.

The speeding car smashed through a fence and railing and was left hanging over the basement window.

The two residents, Paul and Judith Buckley, were sleeping just inside in their basement bedroom.

Bolton North fire crews attended the scene to assist ambulance and police teams.

A spokesman for Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service said: "There was one car that was coming from Bury and another car that was coming through Ainsworth, we think doing about 60 miles per hour.

"One car collided into a house. The occupier was sleeping in the basement and the car was hanging over the pit leading to the basement."

One driver absconded, leaving behind a driver and passenger from the other car.

The spokesman added: "The person in one car absconded.

"The two people in the other car were seen by the ambulance as a precautionary measure.

No one was injured, but fire crews said those involved were left shaken.