AROUND £8,000 was raised for Edgworth Cricket Club thanks to their annual beer festival.

The festival was organised by the club’s Taverners team.

There were 20 real ales on offer, a well-stocked gin, Prosecco and wine bar, live music and a cricket competition.

The event was sponsored by local floor screening and acoustic supplies company the JCW Group - which is owned by Bolton businessman John Wilkins. The cricket pitch was also emblazoned with their logo.

Event organiser Ian Waddicar said: “Taverners organised the festival to raise funds for the club.

“We are going to raise about £8,000 through this event.

“We’d like to thank John for his very kind sponsorship of the event.

“We’ve had a very good response from the beer drinkers but next year we’re going to have some more lagers and ciders.”