AN AWARD-WINNING micro-brewery is looking to expand and could open a new site in the borough.

Blackedge Brewing Company, based in Horwich, is hoping to move into a carpet shop in Westhoughton.

The premises it is considering in Market Street has been used as a shop front for Horwich Carpets until recently.

The Westhoughton store has been intermittently open since August due to the manager being ill.

Now, the carpet shop has downsized, moving out of the Market Street building but keeping its connected Marsden Street store behind it.

Managing director Russell Davies said: “The front part was only ever used as an entrance. Most of the business was done at the store at the rear. It’s a better design for the carpets.”

Blackedge Brewery, which was first started by business partners Wayne Roper and Shaun Reynolds in 2011, has applied to use the shop as a micro-brewery.

Planning officers are expected to make a decision by mid July.