Third Week in August

St Vincent’s Dramatic Society

PETER Gordon’s cheeky comedy is full of witty one liners and some potentially funny situations as we are invited to holiday for a week at a run-down caravan site with an array of characters ranging from a frustrated playwright to an almost neurotic divorcee.

For 20 plus years, Neville and his wife Mary have holidayed for the same week at the same site, and this year is no exception.

Mary is bossy and controlling and at times can be almost conniving. Margaret Parkinson plays this part just right as she puts Neville in his place. Howard Clare as Neville offers some great comedy timing and his usual witty delivery works well. A good characterisation.

Tony, played by Keith Hindley, and his wife Jenny, played by Trisha Shorten, are well matched as their turbulent relationship is laid bare for all to see.

A somewhat henpecked Tony often tries to reason with his partner, but Jenny is not to be messed with. Keith and Trisha played these parts to a tee with the right level of banter, which was never over the top.

Often caught up in the ups and downs of these two couples, Gillian Parkinson as frustrated playwright Sue is rightly cast and Debbie Eustace as Mary’s sister, Liz gives a good interpretation of a seemingly hard-done to divorcee, to a woman with a mission to bag the man she wants, no matter what the consequences may be.

The usual high standard stage set, by Owen Riley and Bert Halliday, was on display and clearly depicted the entrances to two caravans with appropriate props and settings. The props team, Joan Grundy and Josie Higgins were kept busy with seamless scene-changes that were carried out perfectly.

Director Maureen Clare has presented a good night's entertainment with a hard working cast.

Paul Cohen