THERE have been many letters recently with concerns as to the poor attitude of parents and the bad examples that they show to their children. If not before, then I certainly understand this now.

Whilst at Morrisons on Monday, there was a young mother who emptied various take away cups and cartons from the inside of her car straight onto the floor of the car park.

When we raised objections to this, we got the normal stream of foul abuse, even though there were two young children inside the car. They actually thought that it was funny that Mummy was using “naughty words”!

She was less than 20 yards from the nearest litter bin, but in her eyes she was doing nothing wrong. A member of staff also came out to raise and objection and was met with the same abuse.

So, these kids will grow up not seeing any wrong in this type of action, and also have a lack of respect to their environment and other people.

I feel sad and sorry for what lies in store for this country in the coming years.

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