ARMED robbers wearing masks targeted a bank in broad daylight this afternoon.

Police were called to NatWest in Lee Lane, Horwich, shortly before 1pm after receiving reports that two men had entered the branch and started making threats to staff.

Officers rushed to the scene, but the men had fled prior to their arrival.

It is not believed that anything was stolen in the incident and there are no reports of any injuries.

An investigation has since been launched.

A nearby business owner said: “I saw a woman running past looking as though she was terrified.

“I thought she was running for a bus, but she was running from the bank.

“I then heard a car speed off and, ten minutes later, four police cars turned up.”

As a result of the incident, the town centre bank branch has been cordoned off all afternoon and a number of police vehicles could be seen parked outside.

The branch will remain closed tomorrow as part of its normal operating operators.

A spokesman for Greater Manchester Police said: “Police were called shortly before 1pm to reports of an armed robbery at a bank in Lee Lane, in Horwich.

“Two men with their faces covered entered the premises and made threats towards staff before fleeing.

“It is not believed anything was stolen and there were no reports of injuries.

"Police enquiries are ongoing.”

A NatWest spokesman added: “We are working with police to support their investigation following an incident at the NatWest branch in Horwich.

"The branch is currently closed and will be closed on Wednesday as part of normal operating hours.”