AMID the D-Day Celebrations a Ms Scott is about to receive the highest award the French Government can give to a foreign national for her services during the last war.

Ms Scott was a wireless operator communicating with the D-Day landings deep underground at Portsmouth.

She was just 17 and you cannot imagine how she must have felt listening to the terrifying bombardment of the British and the German shells and having to communicate with the landing forces of the British Army.

She had to spend 48 hours on duty followed by 24 hours off duty. We must not forget the bravery of this young girl and many others, having to listen to the terror of that day and the subsequent days.

Ms Scott, now in her 90s, was interviewed by John Snow for Channel 4 News and was excited that she was to be recognised and honoured by the French Government.

She told Channel 4 News how sad she felt about all those brave boys who gave their lives fighting for Europe to be free and how she felt that we were now betraying them by trying to leave.

She thought that they had given us 70 years free from war and she hoped they hadn’t died in vain. Ms Scott voted to remain.

Ian Greenhalgh