Bolton at Home has been named as having the ‘most inspiring apprenticeships programme’ at the annual Inspire Awards, which celebrate inclusion and diversity in the UK housing and construction industry.

Bolton at Home currently has 16 apprentices and a further 20 employees that benefit from apprenticeship-levy funded training for their existing job role.

They are working and developing skills and experiences in trades such as plastering, electrical and plumbing, as well as in operational and administrative roles across housing services, community investment, information technology, marketing, payroll, human resources and finance.

Sarah Richards, HR Business Manager at Bolton at Home, said: “We’re very proud of how our apprentices apply themselves and the value they add to communities and people’s lives by working in the local housing sector. Our diverse range of apprenticeships across the organisation ensures we will meet our future skill needs.

“Bolton at Home has been supporting apprenticeships for over 30 years. Some of our directors and many of our managers started as apprentices, which shows the opportunities for career progression and personal growth that apprenticeships offer.

“As one of the Greater Manchester Housing Providers we’re also contributing to a collective commitment to invest in 1,000 apprentices as we increase our building programme to help meet the city region’s housing need for 227,000 more affordable homes over the next 20 years.”

Kieran Amadi, a plastering apprentice with Bolton at Home, said: “Learning a new skill with an organisation that wants to see me progress and succeed has been the best thing about working for Bolton at Home. The apprentice projects have helped me to develop my skills as a plasterer and gain confidence.”

Jessica Emmott, a project management apprentice, added: “I’m enjoying every minute of it and have had some great experiences since starting. The construction industry is still male-dominated but this has had no effect on my role as a development officer as everyone is part of the same team regardless of gender. I have relished working with contractors and been welcomed like anyone else.”

Apprenticeships at Bolton at Home are open to all ages with the organisation’s oldest current apprentice being 49 and retraining for a career in housing.

The apprenticeship programme was recognised for its level of community engagement too. In the last 12 months, Bolton at Home apprentices have helped to raise £2,500 for Bolton Lads and Girls Club and over £4,000 for Bolton Hospice. They also participate in Bolton Pride to celebrate the LGBT community.

Apprentices are also offered different ways to gain new experiences, perspectives, knowledge and skills. These opportunities include sailing exercises and volunteering placements to improve the lives of people living in deprived areas across Europe. Some of Bolton at Home’s apprentices are EuroApprentices, ambassadors for Erasmus+ who promote the benefits of doing charity work in other countries.

This year’s Inspire Awards was held on 5 June, at The Hilton on Deansgate in Manchester. More information is available at

Pictured, left to right:

Rob Melling, chief executive of Curtins and award presenter

Anthony Holt, community investment apprentice, Bolton at Home

Barrie Hurst, apprenticeship programme advisor, Bolton at Home

Katy Henry, project management and business development apprentice, Bolton at Home

Rob Andrews-Watt, learning and development manager, Bolton at Home

Rebekah Iliff, payroll trainee, Bolton at Home

Kieran Amadi, plastering apprentice, Bolton at Home

Sarah Richards, HR business manager, Bolton at Home

Mike Shaft, broadcaster and event host