A TEAM of world class academics are to come to Bolton to help support migrant communities.

The team will arrive on July 1 and 2 to continue their work on creating an app that helps migrants learn the language of their new home and maths skills.

Among the team are education experts from Brussels in Belgium, Salzburg in Austria, Cordoba in Spain and Manchester Metropolitan University.

They will join education app developers at Emile Education, a pedagogical resources provider based at The Valley, off Blackburn Road.

Their app is made up of games that help teach fractions and introduce language using context ­— such as learning language to do something, rather than as a list of words to with a subject.

The model on which it has been based ­— known as Content Language Integrated Learning ­— is extremely effective practitioners say, and is mandatory in countries such as Spain and Italy.

The project has been funded by the EU under and Erasmus Plus scheme to help improve education across Europe.