A FORMER Horwich mayoress's brother, who drowned when he was 11, has been immortalised on a life-saving throw line board.

Leslie 'Roy' Coups drowned in open water in Horwich in 1949, leaving behind his parents May and Thomas, as well as his sister Elsie May Perks.

Mrs Perks, who was mayoress in 1993, has "never got over" losing her brother, according to her son Mark Perks.

Greater Manchester fire service and United Utilities have been installing boards at reservoirs in the region, with throw lines inside, which can be used to save people who are at risk of drowning.

One of the three boards recently installed at High Rid in Horwich features a tribute to Leslie Coups.

Mr Perks, who now works as a county councillor in Chorley, said: "United Utilities kindly invited us, got my mum some flowers, and took her to the board.

"Floods of memories came back to her on Thursday when we went up.

"My mum's 89 now and she has dementia. While her present day memories are virtually all gone, she does remember the past and she's never got over losing her 11-year-old brother."

Mr Perks is also a community safety champion and he is encouraging the fire service to install even more of the boards to save lives.

He added: "It's pleasing to see this board. It's about raising the danger of open water and the more we can get, the better chance more people will be aware of the dangers of open water.

"I'm now trying to persuade United Utilities to put more up around Lancashire reservoirs."