PARENTS feel distant from their children a new survey has revealed.

Around 59 per cent of parents feel distractions like social media mean they share fewer stories with their children creating an emotional distance between the generations.

Parenting website found 33 per cent of Greater Manchester parents did not think families were emotionally close.

More than three quarters of parents were keen to share their family history but 65 per cent feel these types of stories are less valued nowadays.

Safwan Hak, who founded the website, said: "Sharing experiences is such an important part of life, for relationship building and for our mental health.

"It’s devastating to think that external influences like social media are taking precedence over essential family communication.”

Mr Hak was inspired to set up kinbox to help parents share stories of parenting after receiving parenting advice from his own father.

Mr Hak said: "He would tell me his stories and give advice about my family."