A TAXI driver and passenger were egged by a group of youths last week.

Amy Meadowcroft, 22, was on her way home in a taxi on Wednesday when she was faced by a gang of teenage boys throwing eggs at the car.

The taxi was on its way down Darwen Road, travelling towards Egerton, at around 8pm when the mob appeared.

The group of around seven teenagers targeted the passing taxi, aiming eggs at the car doors and windscreen.

The attack left both driver and passenger in shock.

Ms Meadowcroft said: “They were just down the street next to the laundrettes, a group of teens about 16 or 17, they just launched a load of eggs at the car.

"One hit the back car door on the left where I was sat and one his the windscreen on the right so it blocked the drivers view.

"We could have been in a car accident."

Ms Meadowcroft added that the vandalism could have been dangerous, as the driver's vision was obstructed and he was forced to react.

Ms Meadowcroft said: "We weren’t expecting it and the noise when the egg cracked was quite loud, so me and the driver were quite shocked.

"The driver swerved a little bit into the road and there were other cars passing by on the other side of the road so it could have caused a crash.

"It was a bit scary when the car swerved but, to be honest, I was more annoyed than anything."

The victim says that the prank might have been a result of boredom among young people, advocating for better youth services.

Ms Meadowcroft said: "I know when I was younger we didn't have a lot to do, but I never resorted to anything like that.

"It could be upbringing, environment, the people they associate with.

"But if there were services in place to keep them busy and let them acquire new skills then maybe they wouldn’t act out?

"It’s all down to opinion, but I do know what since youth services have been cut that the amount of youth crime has risen."

If young people had a activities to get involved with, acts of vandalism would be less likely, according to the taxi passenger.

Ms Meadowcroft added: "Kids have nothing to do these days so they resort to violence on the street.

"We need more youth services for young people and better education.

"Society is built for the average person working a nine to five job but it does not actually factor in things for young people to take part in.